About Frontline Financial Group

Frontline Financial Group specializes in alternative financing and investment strategies for today’s uncertain environment. Our principals have more than 75 years of combined experience in the financial industry and our founder has served as a board member of three of the nation’s largest public investment funds-CalPERS, CalSTRS & California’s Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF).

We have the experience to evaluate alternative financing options and alternative investments that require comprehensive analysis of their regulatory, compliance and operational transparency.

Alternative Finance is the collective term used to describe a broad range of innovative options to the traditional financing models that have dominated this sector in the past. Generally, they provide more flexible terms and quicker turnaround approval times for business owners.

Alternative Investments are instruments that are non-correlated to the global equity & fixed income markets and offer investors the ability to diversify their stock and bond portfolios. They can be illiquid and have unique complexities that require a systematic due diligence process.

We are members of the National Due Diligence Alliance (TNDDA), the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) and the Asian American Insurance and Financial Professional Association (AAIFPA).